Official Master's Degree in Family Mediation and in the Fields of Private Law


Get ready to acquire effective mediation methods to be applied as an extrajudicial conflict-resolution tool in socio-educational and familial contexts.

The Master in Family Mediation and in the Areas of Private Law at the UAB is an advanced training proposal that, implemented since the year 2000 and with more than 14 promotions from different mediation studies, offers you the possibility of training you as a professional to practice an effective mediator function, approved and recognized by the Department of Justice of the Government of Catalonia, both in the family sphere and in the fields of private law, guaranteeing high employability if we consider the existing demand for mediator figures in the school and family sphere . With a multidisciplinary approach, it has the potential to be taught from the Faculties of Education Sciences and Law and with the participation of practicing mediation professionals, creating academic and professional links that are reinforced through the practices that can be carried out. carried out in centers, services, associations and mediation spaces.

The master's study plan is structured into 5 large work modules:

  • Module 1: General aspects of mediation
  • Module 2: The profile of the mediator
  • Module 3: Family Mediation
  • Module 4: Mediation in the fields of private law
  • Module 5: External internships
  • Module 6: The Final Master's Thesis (TFM)

These studies provide specialized training, and of a multidisciplinary nature, so that future mediator figures, with or without professional experience, can practice the profession in different socio-educational fields (family, community and organizations) and of mediation and conflict management. , What:

  • Family mediation
  • Community mediation in local administrations (housing, police mediation, consumption...)
  • School mediation (interculturality, disability...)
  • Mediation in the administration of justice
  • Health mediation
  • Mediation in law firms
  • Trainer in the field of mediation

For more information about the Master visit its official webpage.

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