International Doctoral Seminar


On 24th May 2022 CRiEDO hosts the 6th edition of the International Seminar for Doctoral Students linked to the EDO Group.

On the afternoon of May 24, the 6th edition of the International Seminar for Doctoral Students takes place. Taking advantage of the presence of the doctoral students in Barcelona to participate in the doctoral monitoring committees, the EDO Group has organized the seminar, which aims to be a meeting and exchange space, in which the doctoral students and thesis supervisors linked to the EDO are invited .

The seminar, which has been held in person since 2015, with the interruption of the years 2020 and 2021, aims to bring together doctoral students to promote their involvement in the EDO team, exchange experiences and knowledge, and present the training actions, of innovation and cooperation developed by the EDO.

The session will take place this afternoon in the Board Room of the Faculty of Education Sciences (UAB). In it, the current research lines and projects of the EDO will be discussed, experience exchange workshops will be held on strategies for disseminating the results of the theses, the proposals made by each workshop will be shared, and networking of support among the group's doctoral students who are doing their thesis outside the UAB.

For more information about the Doctorate in Education program at the UAB, click here.

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