Multiplier event INTERSTICE


On 17th February, Gemma Paris (co-coordinator of the project) will present the INTERSTICE project to a significant number of students and teachers of Education Sciences. The event will be hold at the Blanquerna Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences of the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

The project aims to influence the improvement of the training of university students developing to be teachers of Early Childhood Education and Primary Education by incorporating innovative experiences that intertwine art and education through collaborative learning between students, artists, teachers and children. These innovations promote inclusive creative artistic experiences for university students to influence the child population, especially those who are more vulnerable and who have fewer opportunities to experience quality proposals. The artist and co-IP of the project will explore the links and contaminations between art and education, which allow the co-creation of peer learning. It will present the Espai C, as a pioneer project that constitutes the starting points of the original idea of ​​the INTERSTICE project. The main objectives of the INTERSTICE projects will be announced, talking about some preliminary results and advances of the intellectual results.

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