FIET2022. STEAM: investigation and research to transform the education


The International Forum on Education and Technology (FIET), organized for the first time in 2014, aims to be a meeting place where figures of international relevance related to the world of education and technology reflect and make proposals together on their transformative role in a digital context.

Currently, the FIET is linked to an agreement signed by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​University of Barcelona, ​​University of Girona, University of Lleida, University of Vic - UCC, Open University of Catalonia, Ramon Llull University and Rovira i Virgili University; in order to develop the objectives called from the organization of an annual conference and a five-year Congress.

In this edition, the central theme of FIET2022 is articulated around the STEAM approach in Education. The objectives of FIET2022 are:

  • To share the most current research and innovative experiences in Education and Technology, especially those related to advances in STEAM training.
  • To analyse, reflect and debate on educational transformation through digital technologies and STEAM education.

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