Multiplier Event about Evidence Based Education - EIPSI


On February 16, the Conference "Evidence-based educational practices" will take place at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. This Conference was initially scheduled for December 2021, but as reported, the health situation led to its rescheduling.

This meeting between different professionals interested in evidence-based educational practice will make it possible to publicize the work carried out within the framework of the research project "EIPSI - Evidence Inform Practice for School Inclusion" (Ref.: 2020-1-ES01-KA201-082328 ) funded by the European Union (Erasmus + KA2).

Some of the points that will be presented at the Conference are:

  • Use of evidence to improve educational practice in Catalonia. Results of the EIPSI project (Anna Díaz-UAB).
  • Presentation of the EIPSI Toolkit and the training program for teachers (Georgeta Ion, project coordinator-UAB and Anna Díaz-UAB).
  • The construction of knowledge in the EIPSI project. Professional development by the members of the project (Neus Lorenzo and Francesca Burriel- Department of Education).

Likewise, it has also been considered a space for those attending the conference to debate and exchange points of view on the presence of evidence-based educational practices in the Catalan context, as well as in a broader state and international context.

More information about the project here.

If you are interested in Evidence Based Practice you can not miss this activity of EIPSI project

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