Online workshops "Improving the impact of your organization": from 14th June to 7th July


The registration period for workshops on strategies and tools to improve the impact of your organization is open.

The workshops that will be held within the framework of the series "Improving the impact of your organization" aim to provide participants with strategies and tools so that they can:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and innovation in a training or human resources center or department.
  • Associate one or more tools with each opportunity, use them and evaluate their efficiency.
  • Analyze the environment (market, competitors, partners) to better position a training offer or an innovation proposal.
  • Organize and optimize the management of time and resources by small teams.

This activity, which will be carried out online, is structured around 8 practical workshops:

T1. The Market Opportunity Navigator
Identify training opportunities for your organization, methodically evaluate and compare the different options and make decisions about facts and data related to your organization.

T2. The Value Proposition of a training
Design trainings that are tailored to the needs and preferences of your audience. We help you determine the price and positioning of a training.

T3. Competitors map and ecosystem map
Be unique without being alone: ​​create a competition map to position yourself better, with a different value proposition from the competition. Identify opportunities and threats with the ecosystem map

T4. Co-creation of value with the Collaboration Canvas
Use the canvas to create collaboration proposals: identify possible 'win-win' agreements and opportunities to co-create value between partners from different organizations in the local and global environment.

T5. Organize your center with artificial intelligences
Discover low-cost tools to automate information processing and day-to-day management. Create automated management processes for the most common processes in your organization.

T6. Social and environmental impact
Plan, measure and communicate the social and environmental impact of your organization or training program. Include the Sustainable Development Goals in your strategy.

T7. New business models
Adapt business modeling tools to the world of training and education. Create know-how and know-how; distributes; get resources to create and distribute in the next cycle; and invent new models.

T8. Digital transformation
Digital tools make it possible to radically transform the user experience, automate internal processes and reduce costs, and give access to a truly global market.

Sébastien Bauer (co-director of the New Business Creation program (UAB Faculty of Economics and Business) and professor of entrepreneurship at TBS Business School)
Gabriel Izard (Doctor and associate professor at the UAB - economics and business - with extensive experience in corporate business and market development both in multinationals and in medium and small companies).

From 06-14-2021 to 07-07-2021, both included
Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (GMT)

Period: Until June 10
Cost: 200 euros to enter before 2:00 p.m. (GMT Madrid) on 06/14/2021
Bank Account: ES48-0182-6035-4202-0161-0323 SWIFT: BBVAESMMXXXZ
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