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You can check here all the information related to the electoral process to select CRiEDO's executive committee

Article 6 of the Operating Regulations of the Center for Studies and Research for Organizational Development (CRiEDO) establishes that CRiEDO's collegiate governing and management bodies are: a) the general council of the center; and b) the executive committee.

On October 13, 2020, the General Council of CRiEDO was constituted (see the minutes of the session on the intranet). According to article 9 of the CRiEDO Operating Regulations, it is the responsibility of the general council of CRiEDO to elect its representatives on the Executive Committee.

According to article 13 of the CRiEDO Operating Regulations, the election of the 4 representatives of the General Council to the executive committee will be carried out in a session of the General Council, in a nominal and secret vote among the people that comprise it, they are registered in the census and submit your candidacy. The duration of their functions as representatives will be 3 years and they must be renewed at the beginning of the mandate of each director of CRiEDO.

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Electoral UAB's regulations - view

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Call for candidates proposals (until November 13th) - download form

Provisional candidates announcement (available on November 16th) - view

Final candidats announcement (available on November 20th) - view



Extraordinary General Board - December 1st 2020 - 13:30


Announcement of provisional results (available December 1st) - view

Announcement of final results (available December 4th) - view

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