Aprendizaje organizativo e informal en los centros educativos

TitleAprendizaje organizativo e informal en los centros educativos
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsGairín, J, Rodríguez-Gómez, D
ISBN Number978-84-368-4280-7

The professional development of the members of any organization is essential for its improvement and organizational development. Schools and education professionals are no exception. If we consider the learning organization as one that is capable of facilitating the learning of all its members and continuously transforms itself, we are highlighting the value of learning. The development of the organization is based, therefore, on the development of people and their ability to incorporate new ways of doing things in the institution where they work. For this reason, two of the key issues in the study of teacher professional development have been precisely the context in which it should be promoted (for example, inside or outside the organization) and the activities that facilitate a real change in behavior faculty (for example, chatting with colleagues, attending courses, Internet searches; mentoring, reading specialized literature, etc.). Given the importance of promoting lifelong learning, informal learning processes in the workplace are gaining more and more relevance. At present, these informal and social learning processes are being strongly enhanced by the introduction of technology, specifically, social media in work contexts. The objective of this work is to offer managers and teachers of any field and educational stage, as well as theoretical and practical experts, a brief introduction on the contribution of organizational and informal learning processes to change and improvement processes in schools educational, as well as on the use of tools and strategies that can facilitate these informal and social learning processes.

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