Official Master in Management of Centers for Educational Innovation


Admissions period open.

This program was born as a result of the need for education professionals to acquire skills that allow them to effectively develop the management and leadership functions of educational and training institutions. Focused not only on professionals in the formal field, this program offers a sufficiently comprehensive training to meet the training needs of teachers who wish to access management positions, as well as other professionals who are developing management activities in the field of training or of socio-cultural institutions with a clearly educational approach.

The main features of the program are presented below:






- Critically analyze and evaluate the regulatory framework and administrative and economic guidelines that regulate the operation of educational institutions.

- Promote personal change in knowledge, skills, attitudes and skills of managers of educational centers, related to the needs of their professional practice, the requirements of the immediate context and the education system.

- Use effectively the procedures and tools of the managerial function and leadership in educational organizations.

- Prepare a personal synthesis of the program as a whole, including management projects.

Specific competences:

- Analyze organizations to discover dysfunctions.

- Identify and critically evaluate alternatives for organizational improvement and management performance.

- Plan and develop management action plans to promote change and innovation.

- Design and apply strategies and techniques of leadership, management and institutional management.

Admission requirements:

University graduates, professionally linked to both formal and non-formal education of educational institutions, with experience or interest in institutional management.

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