Doctoral thesis reading


On November 20th, Javier Ernesto Pascual read his doctoral thesis entitled "Power relations and teacher empowerment for educational innovation"

On November 20th, 2019 Javier Ernesto Pascual defended his Doctoral Thesis entitled "Power relations and teacher empowerment for educational innovation", which has been directed by Dr. David Rodríguez, from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and researcher of the Organizational Development Team.

The Doctoral Thesis was read at the Faculty of Education Sciences of the UAB before the court formed by President F. Javier Murillo (Autonomous University of Madrid), Secretary Maria del Mar Duran (Autonomous University of Barcelona ), and Andrea Lagos (Catholic University of Valparaíso - Chile) as a member.

The objective of this study is to identify, from a socio-critical and transformative perspective, the influence that power relations have on teachers in schools and high schools in Chile and teacher empowerment in educational innovation processes. Understanding power relations as attempts by one person or institution to control the actions of others - in this case, the pedagogical action of teachers - and empowerment as the process of teachers to regain control over their own actions.

The qualification obtained has been an excellent one. For more detailed information on the thesis, click here.

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