New website and catalog of scientific and technical services


The web page of the scientific and technical services of the UAB has been renewed

The main novelty that welcomes the new update of the web is a search engine of techniques and services that the Scientific-Technical Services (SCT) offer. This search engine is in the left column of the page, and is available in three languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish and English). It should be noted that the EDO-SERVICES Services Provision Laboratory is part of the UAB SCT.

On the other hand, on the web you can also find the contacts of all the Scientific-Technical Services and the UAB Service Delivery Laboratories, as well as the UAB's catalog of scientific-technical services in pdf format.

The Scientific Services of the UAB (SCT) are facilities that integrate infrastructure and large equipment dedicated to the realization of specialized techniques. Its main mission is to provide scientific and technological support to research groups, companies and entities for the development of their research and innovation projects.

To access the new website, click here.

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