Web O4YEL available


The Orienta4YEL project website is now available

You can now check the official website of the Orienta4YEL project. This can be viewed in the four official languages ​​of the project: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Romanian.

The website includes the most relevant information of the project in detail. This is divided into six different entries: the start, where the project description, objectives, challenges, participants, development phases and expected results are found; the glossary, which brings together the main terms linked to the topics that the project addresses; another section deals with project reports; the toolkit that includes the resource bank, good practices and the Moodle classroom; events, detailing general coordination, local events and multiplier events; and finally the publications of O4YEL.

The O4YEL project - Supporting the educational and social inclusion of young people at risk of leaving prematurely through guidance mechanisms and tutorial action (604501-EPP-1-2018-1-EN-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN), led by the EDO Group, it was born to be able to develop, implement and evaluate innovative methods and practices focused on student guidance mechanisms and tutorial actions to promote the inclusive education of young people who leave prematurely or who are at risk of leaving their studies prematurely, either in formal or non-formal educational contexts.

To consult the new website of the project, click here.

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