Cleofé Alvites UAP-Peru visits EDO-UAB


Cleofé Alvites is doing a research stay at the EDO-UAB Group

She is a teacher-researcher and leads the Coordination of Research and Scientific Technological Extension of the Alas Peruanas University (Lima-Peru), is conducting a research stay in the Department of Applied Pedagogy of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the EDO group.

Its main objective has been to deepen the work related to the theme on the Integration of digital technologies in teaching.

From this perspective and in order to strengthen strategic alliances between the two universities, Dr. Alvites, has initiated the project “Barriers to the integration of digital technologies in teaching in university education” project that is carried out with the Peruvian population, forming part UAB-EDO, for all the trajectory that the group has in this area, being Dr. Joaquín Gairín and Dr. Cristina Mercader-EDO, who have contributed important results in Spain on this aspect and are a reference for the mentioned project.

The period of the stay has been extended from September 19 to November 3, 2019, and during this period he has been involved in all the activities carried out by the EDO-UAB group.

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