Available the book "The New Management of Knowledge"


This book compiles the contributions presented at the VI International EDO Congress held on November 11th, 12th and 13th, 2020.

This work compiles and analyzes the current proposals that exist in business, educational and public Administration organizations in relation to the foundations and practices of the creation and management of collective knowledge. It compiles and frames, in this regard, significant contributions validated by the Scientific Committee of the VI EDO 2020 International Congress, in the form of theoretical reflections, methodological developments, experiences and other proven proposals, which certify its usefulness and sustainability.

The more than 60 contributions allow us to review the functioning of the communities of professional practice and to learn about other ways to promote and organize collective knowledge, such as those linked to conversations, with new methodologies (knowledge fairs, knowledge mosaic, use of the Big Data, integrating fragmented learning, the role of social media managers, self-assessment and collaborative learning), with new actors (knowledge managers, curators, ...) and with the learning of successful organizations and the development of training ecosystems .

Undoubtedly, a set of first-rate knowledge due to its quality, updating and focus on innovation, which we hope will serve the needs for updating and professional development of managers and human resources technicians and of trainers, students, managers and scholars. of the training centers where training, professional development and organizational development issues are worked on.

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