Symposium "Promotion and development of organizational ethics"


On October 19th, within the framework of XV CIOIE, the symposium on educational organizations and social commitment, entitled "Promotion and development of organizational ethics”, will be held. This is based on the premise that the development of educational organizations and democratic processes have led to important transformations in their conceptions, ways of functioning and social responsibilities. More and more it is emphasized in its social function and both the ways of acting of professionals and of the organizations themselves are reviewed. In this sense, the main challenge of the symposium is to analyze organizational ethics in educational institutions in order to adapt to current society - which is changing, globalized and sensitized by social issues. In addition, it wants to promote new practices, guaranteeing the collective and responsible practice of organizational ethics by the educational community.

Coordinated by Joaquín Gairín, the Symposium collects a total of four contributions: Begoña Román Maestre will focus on "Ethics in social services: some values for action" serving as a reference for educational organizations as the quality of services goes through the coordination of professionals. The contribution of Josep Maria Duart focuses on "The ethics of educational organizations: possibilities and limits", emphasizing the importance of ethical reflection on the organization and management of educational centers. The proposal of Maria del Mar Durán will be "Steer or lead to promote and develop ethically-active professional groups," focusing on the analysis of group behavior, understanding that the object of organizational ethics is human behavior. The symposium concludes with the contribution of Sara Colorado Ramírez on "School leadership and organizational ethics" where emphasis is placed on schools having to keep their role and participation in a dynamic society.

On October 17th, 18th and 19th will take place the XV International Congress of Organization of Educational Institutions, organized by the EDO Group of the University of Lleida.

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