International Forum on Education and Technology


The FIET (International Forum of Education and Technology) of 2019 will be held on May 30th at the Official Association of Commercial Agents of Barcelona (COACB). The theme of this year's journey will be "Artificial Intelligence in Education", and will follow the path started in previous editions: reflecting and making proposals of a transformative nature based on the results of the research and the evidence that this contributes.

The FIET, held for the first time in 2014, was created as a meeting space where figures of international relevance related to the world of education and technology reflected on its transformative role in a digital context. Its objectives are to contribute to the improvement of education through analysis, debate, the elaboration of proposals and the diffusion from a transformative perspective, and establish an Education-Technology dialogue on the potential and the Risks of Artificial Intelligence applied to education.

The session will take place from 9:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and will be divided into two sessions. The morning session will be restricted to the members of the 9 groups that make up the FIET and will be made in English. The objective is to establish a dialogue with experts putting on the table those aspects that are promising and threatening to education.

The second session of the program, at the afternoon, will be open to the general public, and two activities will be carried out: "The investigator corner" where there will be papers presented by doctoral students from different universities, and a Experts Panel called "Hope or fear: what can you expect from the education of artificial intelligence?".

The speakers who will participate in the morning on the day will be: Jordi Albó-Canals (Tufts University - Center for Engineering Education and Outreach) and Daniel Spikol (Malmö University). In the afternoon, the speakers that will participate will be: Ulises Cortés (Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and UPC), Nardine Osman (Institute of Research in Artificial Intelligence - CSIC), Vicenç Casas (RobÈtica, Colegio Mare de Dios de los Angeles), Jordi Albó-Canals and Jaume Vilalta (Journalist).

Contributions can be made until April 25. Registration at the open session costs 20€. To register and sign up, click here.

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On May 30th, the FIET 2019 about Artificial Intelligence in Education will be held

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