IV Journey CEJFE / EDO


The fourth journey CEJFE / EDO will be held on May 16th, the subject of this will be the practical applications of knowledge management in organizations. It’s part of the transversal training and knowledge management program of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Three round tables will be held on this day to show and debate how organizations can continue to evolve to be excellent in harnessing knowledge and talent for people with a right management.

The objective of the session is to become a place where you can learn from all the success stories that are currently being developed in both public and private organizations. Finally, there will be a final table where the main experts involved in the successful experiences developed will present the next steps that organizations must follow.

Specifically, the main recipient of the journey are the professionals of the Department of Justice, of other departments, public or private organizations, interested in the management of people, the management of the knowledge, and the innovation in the organizations.

The journey will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 14:15 p.m. of May 16th at the Centre for Legal Studies and Specialized Training (Ausiàs Marc, 40; 08010 Barcelona). The deadline for the inscription will be on May 12th, and to do it, you must click here

For more information of the journey, contact compartimcejfe.dj@gencat.cat or click here.

To view the video of the journey, click here

On May 16th will be held the IV Journey CEJFE / EDO "Practical applications of knowledge management in organizations"

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