The impact of Artificial Intelligence on the educational world


On Tuesday, April 9th, the event called "We share a coffee" will be held by RedAGE (Network of Support for Educational Management), the European Forum of Education Administrators in Catalonia and the collaboration of the EDO-UAB where will reflect on the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the educational world.

The session will be attended by: Jordi Carrabina, UAB professor and Director of the Center for Accessibility and Environmental Intelligence of Catalonia and the Center for Prototypes and Hardware-Software Solutions of the UAB; Ulises Cortés, professor of the UPC and the Scientific Coordinator High Performance Artificial Intelligence at Barcelona Supercomputing Center; and Josep Maria Silva, lecturer at the UAB and Manager of the ICT Area at the SSTT f Vallès Occidental of the Department of Education.

The session will begin at 7 pm with the welcome of the president of the FEAEC, Mercè Berengueras, and the Vice-president for Latin America of RedAGE, Rosa Tafur, will be followed by the presentation of the invited speakers and the dynamics of the session, then the initial interventions of the invited speakers will begin with open questions, they will be followed by the reflection on the main issues in small groups, consecutively an open dialogue will be held and the end of the event, ending at 9 pm.

On Tuesday, April 9th, there will be a conference on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the educational world

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