Symposium "Analysis of practices between equals in the university environment"


On the 19th, 20th and 21st of June, the nineteenth International Congress of Educational Research will be held at the Autonomous University of Madrid with the Interuniversity Association for Pedagogical Research (AIDIPE).

In this the symposium on the analysis of peer practices in the university environment will be held, coordinated by the professor David Rodríguez-Gómez. The session will start from the key point that evaluation plays in learning processes, considering that the contribution of students in this case is especially interesting to enrich the evaluation processes during their training, strengthening the development of skills and improving self-regulatory processes of their learning and their subsequent professional practice.

Given the special importance of the contributions of the students, the symposium will deal with four experiences where feedback processes and peer evaluation in university education are the central axis. This ones will be:

"La formación del juicio evaluativo como elemento básico de la competencia de aprender a aprender: El impacto de los criterios de evaluación " - Laia Lluch, Laura Pons and Elena Cano García. In this, the objective is to analyse the effects of the types of evaluation criteria and the strategies of appropriation of the criteria in the development of evaluative judgment and in the competence of learning to learn.

"La influencia de los factores contextuales en el feedback entre iguales " - Cristina Mercader and Aleix Barrera-Corominas. The contribution refers to the influence of contextual factors on peer feedback practices in Higher Education, its results evidence the relevance of contextual factors such as previous training or monitoring.

"Percepción de los estudiantes sobre los procesos de Evaluación entre iguales" - David Rodríguez Gómez, Georgeta Ion and Maria del Mar Duran. Its objective is to analyse the students' perception of peer evaluation processes by applying a questionnaire to 171 students.

"La autorregulación de los aprendizajes en la formación inicial de maestros: estrategias para su autoevaluación " - José Luís Muñoz, Georgeta Ion and Oscar Flores Alarcia. This contribution focuses on the analysis of various self-assessment strategies that are appropriate for the self-regulation of learning in the initial teacher training.

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Next June will take place the XIX International Congress of Educational Research where the symposium "Analysis of practices and processes of feedback and evaluation among equals in the university environment" will be held

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