M. Luisa Guitard Sein-Echaluce


Departament d’infermeria i fisioteràpia
C/ Montserrat Roig, 2
25198 Lleida

Tenured Professor
Short biography: 

PhD from the University of Lleida, in the Health program. Diploma in nursing (UB), Graduated superior science and method in nursing (URV), Bachelor of nursing (Hogeschool Zeeland (Holland)), Master's degree in nursing science (URV). Her professional activity was initially developed in health care as an ICS nurse, both in the hospital setting and in primary health care. She is currently a Full Professor of the University (TUC) in the Department of Nursing and Physiotherapy of the University of Lleida, in the area of nursing knowledge. The main lines of research have been those related to university teaching in nursing through clinical simulation and health education for people with chronic diseases. 

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