XIV International Congress on Education and Innovation


On December 9, 10, and 11 the XIV International Congress on Education and Innovation took place.

The Congress program, which in this edition has been carried out online, has focused on analyzing the importance of establishing a link between Technical Professional Education and the world of work.

Joaquín Gairín has participated in the Congress presenting a contribution in the framework of the symposium entitled "Articulation between professional technical education and work for the promotion of human development and the economic effects of the pandemic", coordinated by Cecilia Marambio, collaborator of CRiEDO.

During the activity, an analysis of the investment of% of GDP per student was carried out in a selection of countries, belonging to the OECD and the data is compared with PISA results, to conclude on the human development of each nation when it invests in education. In addition, the result of basic skills in young people seeking access to jobs is projected, analyzing the reality of graduates of Vocational Technical Training when they are faced with access to jobs.

The symposium aims to respond to SDG 4.4, presenting a real proposal for the employment of young people who graduate from Vocational Technical Training and must face the current economic effects derived from the pandemic.

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