The UAB the best in Spain in the QS ranking


The UAB has been ranked 178th in the world and first university in Spain in the QS World University Rankings.

The UAB has improved 31 positions compared to the previous edition of the QS World University Rankings with the 178th position in the world, ranking first in the entire State. The UAB has risen to position 178 in the world in the QS WUR 2023 ranking, an improvement of 31 positions compared to 209 in the previous edition. At the national level, the UAB ranks as the first of the Spanish universities. The data also shows that, although the position of the UAB has been changing over time, the percentile in which it is situated is improving year after year. The UAB is currently among the 12.5% ​​of the best universities in the world, while in 2004 it was in the 20.5% percentile despite occupying position 173 in the ranking, due to the increase in the number of universities that are evaluated .

As for the overall score in the ranking, the UAB has reached 45.8 points out of 100 (in the previous edition it had 42.6) with a significant improvement in some of the criteria used. In the criterion of normalized citations per academic, the UAB went from 90.3 citations to 139, which implies an increase of more than 14 points (from 52.7 to 66.9). QS assigns a total of 26,092 articles to the UAB (2016-2020 period) and more than 419,000 citations (295,001 once self-citations have been excluded and normalization by research areas has been carried out).

Regarding the internationalization criteria, the percentage of foreign teaching and research staff at the UAB went from 11.1% to 11.3%, which is reflected in a small rise and an improvement in positions at the international level.

The UAB continues to enjoy a very good academic reputation among academics from other universities, with 62.2 points. This fact is essential to explain the position of the UAB in the global ranking, since this indicator represents 40% of the total score.

The results are a recognition of the effort carried out by the UAB in research, which this year is endorsed by a new indicator (not yet included in the ranking) that assesses the international research network and places the UAB in 91st place of the world.

To prepare the ranking, which classifies the 500 best universities in the world, QS directly requests data from the universities for the last academic year (2021-2022) and obtains the number of citations for the last six years based on the information from the Elsevier's SCOPUS scientific database.

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