Starting a new project: CDDPla


CDDPla project begins: Inclusion of the Teaching Digital Competence in the curricula of Early Childhood Education and Primary Education.

Since the creation of the Infant and Primary Education Degrees, Digital Competence has been a transversal competence throughout the entire degree. In recent years, in educational research on the field of technology, this competence has been transformed towards the teaching field until defining the Teaching Digital Competence (CDD). Currently there are several reference frameworks and there is a clear commitment by different national and international organizations for the development of this competence with the aim of impacting our teaching activities and responding to the needs of the 21st century.

Likewise, the Department of Education has marked the 2023-2024 academic year as the maximum date in which the Digital Teaching Competence (CDD) must be integrated and worked specifically into the curricula of the Primary Education and Early Childhood education degrees to guarantee that The students who complete these degrees acquire the Teaching Digital Competence, at least, at the initial level. The Teaching Digital Competence, according to the Framework of the Department of Education, does not refer only to the development of instrumental skills with digital technologies but also the digital look at several dimensions: didactics, organization, communication, citizenship and professional development.

In this sense, it is necessary to provide specific proposals for the incorporation and evaluation of CDD to different key subjects of the study plan and to begin to identify the training required by university teaching staff; both for those who will be able to develop CDD in their subjects, as well as in the rest of the teaching staff who teach subjects to the degrees of the Faculty.

To respond to this need, the project "CDDPla: Inclusion of Digital Teaching Competence in Early Childhood and Primary Education curricula", coordinated by Professor Cristina Mercader, has the following objectives:

  • O1: Review the Curriculum and the subjects that could include the development and evaluation of the CDD.
  • O2: Propose specific actions to develop and evaluate CDD to the curriculum of Primary Education and Early Childhood Education to guarantee the acquisition of CDD at the end of the grades.
  • O3: Identify the training needs of university teachers regarding CDD.
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