Safe return to the classrooms


On 11th June Dr. Joaquín Gairín is going to participate in an international conference organized by the OEI.

The Ministry of National Education of Colombia and the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) organize ten virtual meetings for the exchange of knowledge with experts from countries such as Ecuador, Honduras, Uruguay, El Salvador, Mexico and Spain . These meetings are aimed at addressing issues aimed at strengthening the different capacities of the teams of the Secretariats of Education to improve Comprehensive Educational Management in the territories.

Joaquín Gairín will reflect on "The safe, progressive and gradual return to the classroom" with the presence of more than 700 officials and representatives of the regional secretaries of education. This meeting will try to delve into the subject, taking into account the comprehensive management approach promoted by the Ministry of Education and which tries to address educational problems from the convergence of various services of the state administration, public and private entities and different agents. educational.

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