Retirements Gabriel Izard and Jaume Barrera

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The professors Gabriel Izard and Jaume Barrera, both members of the CRiEDO, have retired during 2021.

Gabriel Izard has been Associate Professor of the UAB Business Department Marketing Area. PhD from the UAB December 2013 with a thesis entitled: "Continuous training in leading companies in commercial distribution in Spain". Coordinator of the Master "Executive Business Management (". He has carried out teaching activities (in Catalan and English) on topics related to business marketing at the UAB Faculty of Economics and Business, as well as in the Study Abroad program.

Jaume Barrera has been a Tirular Professor in the field of didactics of the plastic arts at the Faculty of Education Sciences of the UAB. He had previously been a professor in the degree in Art History at the UAB, and in Art and Design at the Massana School (UAB). He had also col • elaborated in the studios of the EINA School of Design (UAB). For years he has participated as a trainer in activities promoted by the ICE of the UB and with cultural training centers dependent on the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Barcelona City Council. Likewise, and since 1998, he has developed different university management positions without interruption, as coordinator of degrees, teaching units, or member of the management team in different departments, among others. During his professional stage at the UAB he has combined research and knowledge transfer in the scientific and artistic fields. Thus, a multitude of publications in high quality magazines, books, participation in congresses, and approximately one hundred exhibitions between individuals and groups, both nationally and internationally.

See below the writings that both have done to say goodbye to the academy.

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