RETINDE's General meeting

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The thirteenth general meeting of RETINDE took place at the University of Malaga on 29th April 2022.

On 29th April the thirteenth meeting of RETINDE (Transdisciplinary Network of Educational Research) was held, in which Joaquín Gairín participated, who currently coordinates its Delegate Commission, in addition to being a founding partner of the Network.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring together the fifteen representatives of the scientific associations and research networks to be able to address and deal in depth with issues related to the plan for the dissemination and incorporation of new networks, the organization of the Conference with RETINDE entities, the proposal for studies on educational research and representation in the Autonomous Communities.

RETINDE is a network of associations, scientific societies and networks of research groups linked to educational research created in 2016 from sixteen founding entities, including the EDO Group. The objectives pursued by the Transdisciplinary Educational Research Network are the following:

  • Contribute to the improvement of educational research and its impact on society, educational practice and scientific knowledge
  • Promote the link between research and the action of professionals and educational practice
  • Promote collaboration between associations, societies and networks linked to RETINDE and between it and other external and international ones.
  • Promote the presence of educational research in society
  • Become a recognized interlocutor before the administrations

For more information on RETINDE, click here.

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