Researcher training programs


Joaquín Gairín will speak about the internationalization of training programs for educational researchers.

From June 3 to 5, the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP) of Mexico organizes the X National Congress of Postgraduate Studies in Education. The objectives of this Congress are: (1) to generate spaces for reflection and academic exchange among the agents of the postgraduate programs in education, on the ethical and social commitment in their management of educational knowledge, (2) to promote ethical commitments and social in academic training and in the forms of management in postgraduate education and, (3) involve researchers with a track record and the research processes and products of postgraduate students.

These conferences will focus on debating the different research and proposals for postgraduate programs in education on social responsibility, ethics and for social justice. Also on society and knowledge management based on innovation and development of educational institutions and their community associated with ethics and social commitment in knowledge management. He then tries to reflect on the social ethics around those who are involved in the educational processes of the basic, middle and higher education levels. The educational practices that are carried out in the training processes at different levels, modalities and educational scenarios with an ethical sense and social commitment, digital culture, dissemination of educational teaching resources, its impact on the transformation of education studies will also be analyzed. postgraduate studies and its ethical and social implications. Finally, it will also work on the curriculum and training of researchers in the field of education, and will analyze how to approach the various aspects that are aimed at strengthening the training processes of future researchers with an ethical and social perspective.

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