Research management Colombian universities


Today, Salim Chalela Naffah has read his PhD thesis, directed by Dr. Rodríguez-Gómez.

The PhD thesis prepared by Salim Chalela Naffah, entitled "The management of research in Colombian universities", has been directed by Dr. David Rodriguez-Gómez. The thesis has been defended before the tribunal formed by Diego Castro-Ceacero (Autonomous University of Barcelona), acting as President, Trinidad mentioned Laba (University of Barcelona), acting as secretary and Sergi Fàbregues Feijóo (UOC) acting as member.

The management of research in universities has been a subject little studied in the Colombian context. It is for this reason that there is insufficient evidence to analyze the characteristics of its intra-organizational factors and their possible effects on the scientific productivity of teachers. In this sense, the present research aims to analyze the characteristics of the research management of the twelve Colombian universities best positioned in the international rankings, taking into account some conditions of quality and quantity of their scientific production.

The method used has been a concurrent mixed design that has given priority to the quantitative data obtained. Thus, 36 institutional documents from the selected universities have been analyzed, seven structured interviews have been carried out with institutional executives as well as a questionnaire with 269 members of the teaching staff linked to the selected universities. In addition, the behavior of the scientific production of the selected universities during the period 2001-2017 has been examined. In conclusion, it was found that research management in universities is characterized by an institutional isomorphism that is explained from strategic planning focused on visibility and internationalization, which could negatively impact the recognition of other forms of knowledge production . The inability to have tools for the evaluation of research results has led universities to adopt international metrics that forget the local contexts of knowledge production.

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