Project concession (e-INAV 5X5)


EDO-UAB teachers have obtained Financing for the Development of the educational innovation project (e-INAV 5x5).


The project (e-INAV 5x5) E- evaluations: 5 principles - 5 challenges for an effective Evaluation with digital tools is set up as a Continuity of the innovation projects developed within the framework of subjects of the Faculty of Education Sciences in the Scope of Evaluation for sustainable and participatory learning during the 2016-2017, 2017-2018 and 2018-2020 academic years. Using a research-based teaching approach, the project aims to develop strategies and tools for effective Evaluation of Student Learning , including the benefits of the application of digital technologies.

The project advocates the use of technology as an Assessment Transformation Tool by configuring and monitoring five guiding principles: Steel the most authentic, accessible, automated, continuous and secure Assessment.

The project is based on an experimental design, and it ends with an evaluation of the impact of the evaluation strategies implemented on student learning, autonomy, self-regulation, motivation and the development of digital teaching competence. In this project, as an element of methodological innovation and with the purpose of creating a habit and promoting the culture of innovative Evaluation, we will develop each meeting a team challenge to respond to each of the 5 guiding principles. These challenges, in addition, are developed by peer-coaching pairs among the team members, fearful conformation of more than 15 professors from the UAB Faculty of Education Sciences.

This will allow to introduce improvements in the evaluation systems and will give students, teachers and management team of the faculty to consolidate an evaluation culture adapted to the challenges of the development of today's society, where the use of digital tools is a key competence. of future education professionals.

The project will run from September 2020 to November 2022 with an overall allocation of € 700.00.

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