Orienta4YEL Final Conference


The last coordination meeting and the final conference of the O4YEL project was held in Bucharest on 27th May 2022.

The final conference was held on May 27 at the University of Bucharest. This conference was intended to be a space to disseminate the project and the results obtained among those responsible for the educational systems, academics, experts and staff in the field of education. Thus, the aim of the was to discuss the results obtained from the Orienta4YEL Project, focusing on how to monitor early school leaving through "guidance" and tutorial actions. This conference was aimed especially at teachers, trainers, parents, students, academics, researchers, policy makers, NGO representatives, policy makers and experts in the field of early school leaving ... The day helped raise awareness about the achievements already made. They have succeeded in preventing and reducing early school leaving in the context of the Orienta4YEL project. The event guided educational institutions with initiatives aimed at identifying young people at risk of dropping out of school with the aim of prevention.

Taking advantage of the meeting, on May 26 the project partners held the last general coordination meeting in order to make a final assessment of the project, as well as plan the last actions to be developed before the end date of the same. Orienta4YEL project has developed, implemented and evaluated innovative methods and practices focused on guidance and tutorial mechanisms to promote the inclusive education of young people who drop out prematurely or are at risk of dropping out prematurely; in both formal and non-formal educational contexts.

More information about the project here.

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