Open call for proposals VII CIEDO 2023

The center

Until January 15, 2023, contributions can be presented in communication format, symposium poster and workshop.

On May 17, 18 and 19, 2023, the 7th edition of the EDO International Conference will be held in Barcelona under the topic 'Learning and collective intelligence in organizations after the pandemic', to analyze the role of managers in the management of knowledge and talent in organizations and in corporate social networks for the promotion of social learning and learning in action as a tool to enhance professional development.

Under this framework, and until January 15, 2023, professionals and academics can present their proposls related to one of the priority lines of work: leadership and management in the training and management of talent, methodologies and strategies for the management of knowledge, the promotion of the learning culture and collective intelligence, among others. The accepted submission modalities are:

  • Research Communication: to present the results of completed or ongoing research.
  • Research Poster: designed to present research designs or master's/doctoral dissertation.
  • Communication Experience: for professionals who have interesting experiences to share.
  • Experience Poster: specially designed to present practical project ideas and designs.
  • Symposium: for professionals and academics who are interested in sharing the analysis of a phenomenon from different perspectives and contexts.
  • Workshop: designed for those who want to share and experiment with the attendees with new training strategies, collaboration, group cohesion, etc.

Check the main page of the VII CIEDO 2023 and consult the specifications of the different presentation modalities.

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