O4Yel coordination meeting


On March 22th, another virtual meeting of all the participating partners of the O4Yel project took place.

The partners of the O4Yel project held a general coordination meeting electronically on March 22th with the aim of monitoring the activities carried out so far, as well as planning the activities that will be carried out during the next months of the draft. The external evaluator of this project was also contacted.

Thus, the situation of the educational centres in each country were identified and their willingness and possibility of participation in the project over the next few months. The implementation of the strategies and their evaluation, especially those partners who have already been able to follow up with the participating educational centres, and the analysis of the results that are generated with the implementation of the strategies.

The Orienta4YEL project aims to develop, implement and evaluate innovative methods and practices focused on guidance and tutorial action mechanisms to promote inclusive education for young people who drop out prematurely or who are at risk of leaving their studies prematurely; in both formal and non-formal educational contexts.

For more information about the Orienta4YEL project, access summary-file and the project website.

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