New video of the Orienta4Yel project


Published a new O4Yel video that explains the conceptual framework for Understanding the Risks to Early Leaving in the British context.

nini university of bath

The University of Bath publishes this video in which it explains the conceptual model for understanding the risks of early youth abandonment, focusing on the concept of NEETs (NEET Not a Education, Employment or Training). This expression is attributed to a young person who is no longer part of the educational system and, once compulsory education is finished, does not continue training nor enters the labor market. That is, he neither studies nor works.

This video has been edited by colleagues Ceri Brown, Ioannis Costas Batlle, Nicola Savvides and Alison Douthwaite from the Department of Education at the University of Bath and produced by the Tackling Early Leaving (TEL) training program.

The Orienta4YEL project (, financed with European funds, is a three-year study with the aim of understanding and intervening in school drop-out in five European countries: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Romania and the United Kingdom.

To watch the video:

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