New teaching innovation project 2022


Obtaining funding for the development of a project to improve the teaching quality UAB 2022.

The project entitled "Towards a more ethical and fair evaluation of skills linked to the employability of future education professionals" coordinated by professors Georgeta Ion (CRiEDO – Department of Applied Pedagogy) and Ibis Álvarez (Department of Basic Psychology, Evolutionary and Education) aims, on the one hand, to introduce ethical principles to favor more fair and equitable evaluation practices and, on the other hand, to show that through evaluation it is possible to contribute to developing employability skills of future teachers, such as the effective oral communication in the context of oral presentations, teamwork and ethical behavior and social justice.

It is a project that gives continuity to a line of work initiated more than 6 years ago in the area of ​​evaluation and is made up of teachers from various areas of the Faculty of Education Sciences.

Adopting the principles for Responsible Research and Innovation as a methodology, the most transcendental contribution of this project will be the co-creation of innovative evaluation proposals, in order to generate sustainable innovation with regard to the design, implementation and validation of procedures and resources to promote teamwork skills, effective communication in oral presentations and ethical behavior, based on the principles of ethical and fair evaluation.

More information in the summary sheet.

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