New research staff (FI)


The regulatory bases of the aid program for the hiring of new research staff (FI) have been published.

On September 25, the new bases for granting grants for hiring new research staff (FI) were published in the DOGC to promote quality in research by incorporating them as pre-doctoral research staff in training in research groups and research projects. , innovation and development.

The aids for hiring have a duration of one year and a maximum of two more years may be renewed in accordance with the provisions of these regulatory bases and the corresponding calls.

The requirements of the candidates to be able to apply for this aid linked to the Center for Research and Studies for Organizational Development, apart from those provided in the call, are:

a) Not be in possession of a doctoral degree.
b) Having been admitted and / or enrolled in a doctoral program at the UAB.
c) Have a member of the Cried as director.

Although the application submission process will be carried out directly by the candidates through the AGAUR registry, it is necessary for those interested to contact before October 10, expressing their interest to prioritize the petitions internally.

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