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Professors José Luís Muñoz and Joaquín Gairín have just published the book “Design and development of educational organizations”.

Professors José Luís Muñoz and Joaquín Gairín, researchers at the Center for Research and Studies for Organizational Development (CRiEDO), have just published the book “Design and development of educational organizations” (Editorial Dykinson). It is a work that reviews and raises the current meaning of educational organizations, as well as the differential validity of their approaches and ways of operating. Thus, it pays attention to the philosophy that supports the purpose and orientation of educational organizations, at the same time that it makes a broad overview of the design and development of this type of institution.

The novelty of the contribution lies not only in the updating of the foundations of the educational organization, but, and above all, in the new contributions made from its differential dimension. In addition to focusing attention on the theories, models and proposals of the usual educational organization, very focused on the organization and management of schools, it also shows and analyzes the peculiarities of the educational organizations most linked to social development and community, such as musical training centers, job training centers and socio-cultural institutions.

The contributions made by the authors go in the direction of intervention and improvement, providing elements of interest and utility for the design, development, evaluation and innovation in all educational organizations.

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