INTERSTICE coordination meeting


On 22nd and 24th March members of the INTERSTICE project team will participate in the project coordination meeting.

This meeting, which will take place in Bologna and will be the second face-to-face meeting developed within the framework of the project, aims to facilitate the follow-up and collaborative work of all partners in the activities carried out so far; It should also be used to plan and work on the development of activities to be carried out during the coming months of the project.

The project, coordinated by Silvia Blanch (ERIFE) and Gemma París (CRiEDO), has received a global endowment of € 295,604.00 from the European Union, promotes access to quality artistic experiences by children and families through teachers , students of teachers and artists. The experiences are developed in Kindergartens, kindergartens and primary. The project develops 6 intellectual products, two of them linked to research to validate the peer learning method to train teachers and the training of university students who through ApS (Service Learning) projects with artists, will train teachers of schools. The project was born out of the need expressed by the teachers and involved as partners the University of Stavanger (Norway), the University of Bologna (Italy), the University of Bath Spa (England) and LaSala de Teatro de Sabadell.

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