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Published number 58 of Fòrum "Educational Organization and Management Magazine", dedicated to Evidence-Informed Practice.

This July, the 58th issue of the Fòrum magazine "Journal of Educational Organization and Management", dedicated to Informed Practice in Evidence, was published. This issue, which has been coordinated by Professor Anna Díaz-Vicario, has sought to provide reflections and experiences on the use that scientific teams can make of scientific evidence in order to improve their decision-making at the pedagogical level. organizational as any other aspect related to its functions.

Georgeta Ion and Saida López take part in this issue, highlighting the multidimensional challenge of evidence-based practice and the necessary collaboration of different sectors of the education system in order to achieve the commitment of all teachers. Rosa Sobrino, professor at the U. Complutense in Madrid, also took part, describing the processes involved in the management of educational projects that evolve from the evidence gathered by the teachers themselves.

Antoni Zabala, IRIF’s pedagogical director, highlights and justifies the importance of schools basing their practices on evidence in order to be able to face the new challenges of the education system. For his part, Àngels Cadena, director of the Mercè Rodoreda School, presents the process of reviewing the school’s socio-educational action based on the support received from the UAB through the EIPSI project.

Finally, Chris Brown reflects on and analyzes how research evidence can be used for the benefit of educational policy development and practice based on the interview conducted by Aleix Barrera and Anna Díaz.

The Fòrum Magazine, currently coordinated by Aleix Barrera-Corominas, is published by Editorial Graó in cooperation with the European Forum of Education Administrators in Catalonia (FEAEC) and aims to be a communication tool between different collaborators. Through new ideas and proposals that approximate the views on educational management that can provide different professional profiles linked to the education system.

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