New FIET 2021 edition


From 27th to 29th October, the FIET on research and innovation in Educational Technology in the digital age will be held.

The 2021 FIET (International Forum on Education and Technology) will take place on October 27, 28 and 29 in virtual format under the slogan "Research and innovation in Educational Technology in the digital age". This edition of the FIET aims to be a meeting place for researchers of international relevance related to the world of education and technology to reflect, discuss and make proposals together on the role of research in technology and education as a transforming element of education in a digital context. The main objective is to contrast and seek solutions to some of the current deficiencies in research in Educational Technology.

The FIET2021 consists of two parts: a first section in which experts related to the world of education prepare educational proposals for new learning scenarios, from a research and innovation perspective. In a second section, the FIET2021 schedules two key moments: a first day, of an internal nature, where the members of each of the lines expose, debate and collect conclusions, followed by two days, open to registered participants, in which teachers and education professionals share experiences and exchange points of view based on the thematic axes.

This year our colleagues Joaquín Gairín, also a member of the scientific committee, and Cristina Mercader, a member of the organizing committee, will coordinate two different thematic axes. Joaquín Gairín will lead line 1 focused on educational policies: quality assurance processes and future prospects as the backbone. While Cristina Mercader the debate based on line 10 focused on networks in digital contexts and the approach of technology to citizenship: the relationship between technology and society and its effect on educational processes. As well as the impact of citizen and social networks in the transmission of knowledge, and as tools to promote citizen participation.

All information about FIET 2021 here.

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