New aid for teaching innovation


Obtaining funding for the development of a new project for the improvement and innovation of teaching quality UAB 2022.

The project is entitled "Incorporation of experiences of professional artists in the Degrees of Early Childhood Education and Primary Education for the development of artistic thinking in initial training" and is coordinated by the teacher and artist Gemma Paris Romia (CRiEDO - Musical Expression Didactics Department, plastic and body) with the participation of professors Sílvia Blanch (Department of Basic, Developmental and Educational Psychology), Almudena Martín (Didactic Department of Musical, Plastic and Body Expression) and Maite Mas (Department of Basic, Developmental and Educational Psychology). Education).
The objective of this project is to actively promote the presence of creative thinking in the degrees of Early Childhood and Primary Education at the UAB, through the incorporation of training sessions carried out by professional artists who provide aesthetic experiences and art thinking in the initial training of Teachers. , in subjects of the art specialty, but also in some core subjects of the Degrees. He wants to place this thinking art in the Faculty through the presence of professional artists in the training of Mestres. Currently, the students have very little contact with the cultural world and with creative experiences, and it is believed necessary to open the doors of the Faculty so that artistic works and their creators collaborate in the training of Teachers, creating learning sessions between the educational world and the artistic world, creating links between the professional world and the field of initial training.
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