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Digital Competence, Master's in School Leadership for Educational Innovation and Master's in Research in Education

The Postgraduate Course in Digital Teaching Competence responds to the training needs of non-university teachers who want to meet the requirements set out in the document "Digital Teaching Competence of Teachers in Catalonia", prepared by the Department of Education, the Department of Business and Employment and the Department of Economy and Knowledge in 2018 with the aim of offering a framework to promote the achievement of digital skills (Decrees 119/2015 and 187/2015). It must also allow to accredit your professional profile in "Digital Teaching Competence".

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The Official Master's Degree in Centers for Educational Innovation is born as a result of the need for education professionals to acquire competences that allow them to effectively develop the management and leadership functions of educational and training institutions. Focused not only on professionals in the formal field, this program offers training broad enough to meet the training needs of both teachers who wish to enter managerial positions, and other professionals who are developing management activities in the field of training or of socio-cultural institutions with a clearly educational focus.

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The Master of Research in Education, specialty in Organizational Development provides tools and competences to develop applied research in the context of educational organizations. Among other aspects, beyond the methodological aspects, topics related to change, innovation and professional and institutional development are addressed. The common modules that are taken in the E-2 specialty are: Epistemology, Foundations and Design; Methodologies, Instruments and Strategies for data collection and analysis, ICT Tools in the Research Process and the Final Master's Project. The specialty modules are: Research Trends and Approaches in Planning and Management of Educational Institutions, Professional Development to Organizations and the Research, Training and Learning and Knowledge Technologies module, finally you can select an optional module from all the Official Master's offer.

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