Management of centers during confinement


RedAGE publishes the report "The management of the Educational Centers in confinement situation in Latin America".

The report has been coordinated by Joaquín Gairín and Cristina Mercader, both members of CRiEDO.

This contribution includes the work of 40 specialists from 16 Ibero-American countries who contribute their studies and evaluations of the educational actions that Ibero-American educational centres have carried out, carry out and can carry out in a confinement situation. The document, which starts from the need for reflection and action derived from the current pandemic, can also respond to situations that may arise due to other social or natural problems that force situations of confinement of the population.

The contributions, which focus on compulsory education in each country, analyze how the confinement situation has affected the functioning of educational institutions. To this end, the national regulations that have been given to educational centres are presented in order to carry out training activities, the specific actions that educational centres have had to implement and what are the aspects related to the organization and management of the centres that have been affected. Likewise, each of the chapters presents concrete experiences of the reference context that may be illustrative of the analyzes and reflections made.

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