Georgeta Ion, vice-dean for Students and Mobility


Georgeta Ion, new vice-dean of Students and Mobility of the Faculty of Education at the UAB.

On October 2, 2020, the final results of the elections for dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona were proclaimed, and Dra. Marta Bertran Tarrés, professor of the Department of Theories of Education and Social Pedagogy. Together with her, the Faculty Board validated the dean's office team, made up of Dra. Georgeta Ion, as vice-dean for Students and Mobility, Dra. Silvia Blanco, as vice-dean of Internships, Dra. Lurdes Martínez, as vice-dean for Studies and Dra. Anna Marbà, as vice-dean for Quality and Innovation.

Georgeta Ion, a CREDED researcher, is a lecturer in the Department of Applied Pedagogy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). She has a degree in Psychology and Educational Sciences from the University of Bucharest and a Master's in Educational Management and Evaluation from the same university. Since 2007, she has a PhD in Education Sciences from the University of Barcelona with a thesis entitled "Organizational culture and leadership. Ethnographic study". Her research topics are related to the organization and management of universities and gender aspects. At the same time he works on competency-focused assessment topics. Collaborates with Spanish and European research groups on issues related to research-based education.

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