Follow-up of Orienta4YEL actions


Follow-up of Orienta4YEL actions to tackle early school leaving from the school Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.

On Monday, May 31, the members of CRiEDO Patricia Olmos and Joaquín Gairín held a meeting with teachers and students of the Manuel Vázquez Montalbán (MVM) Secondary School of Sant Adrià del Besós. The objective of the meeting was to monitor the actions that this educational institution is carrying out to combat early school leaving in the framework of the Orienta4YEL Project.

The MVM secondary school has been working since early May on a social theatre initiative with students from the 3rd of ESO. This initiative aims to motivate students on their educational itineraries and work with them on their communicative skills and relationships impacting on better educational environment.

Until that moment, all the actors involved, including the students, highlight the positive impact that this initiative is having on motivation, relationships, emotional well-being, positive self-perception towards learning ability and educational achievement. All the students show interest in accrediting ESO and continuing in an educational-formative path.

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