Follow-up of Orienta4YEL actions


Follow-up of Orienta4YEL actions to tackle early school leaving from the Institut Gabriela Mistral (Sant Vicenç dels Horts).

On 10th May some members of the CRiEDO Anna Díaz and Jordi Codina held an online meeting with the management team of the Gabriela Mistral Institute, in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, in order to follow up on the actions that this center is carrying out. to combat early school leaving, within the framework of the Orienta4YEL project.

The Gabriela Mistral Institute works with young middle school students in microcomputer systems and networks in an initiative based on a mentoring program. This Performance is part of the personalized plan performance through individualized peer tutoring. Students Receive support and guidance from the higher grade students portal and from a career counselor.

In the next few weeks, the final evaluation of the strategy with the teaching staff and students will be removed.

More information about the OrientaYel project here.

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