Fair of UAB's Masters and Postgraduate


Follow the presentation of the UAB's Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Teaching Competence on February 21

On February 21 at 15:00 (Barcelona time) Professor Aleix Barrera will participate in the UAB Masters, Postgraduate and Doctorate Fair presenting the Postgraduate Program in Digital Teaching Competence.

This Postgraduate course responds to the training needs of non-university teachers who want to meet the requirements set out in the document “Digital teaching competence of teachers in Catalonia”, prepared by the Department of Education, the Department of Business and Employment and the Department of 'Economy and Knowledge in 2018 with the aim of offering a framework to promote the achievement of digital skills (Decrees 119/2015 and 187/2015). It must also allow you to accredit your professional profile in "Digital Teaching Competence".

Those who do so will get a graduation profile that will allow them, among other things:

  • Critically analyze the role of digital technologies in the current educational context
  • Promote personal change in knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities regarding the integration of digital technologies in the school, from an organizational and didactic point of view
  • Design universal learning environments incorporating digital technologies

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