Education and bioeconomy workshop


On 21th May we participated in the working group to talk about bioeconomy education organized by EuBioNet.

On Friday May 21 Aleix Barrera participated as a representative of the Cried group in the constitution session of the working group on Education in Bioeconomy of the European Bioeconomy Network. The linking of Cried in the network is justified by the coordination of the UrBIOfuture project (2019-2020), whose objective was to identify the existing GAP between the educational offer in the field of bioeconomy and the needs of the industrial sector. Also due to the current participation as a partner in the BioBEC project (2021-2024), whose objective is to design the bases for the constitution of centers that promote training in the field of bioeconomy, in close collaboration with the industrial sector.

The seminar served to exchange the previous experiences of its members in the development and participation in projects that seek to promote Europe as a leader in the field of bioeconomy through the promotion of education and collaboration between the industrial and educational sectors.

To establish the basis for the future activities of the EuBioNet Education and Capacity Building working group, this seminar was structured in the following thematic groups connected with the promotion of the bioeconomy:

  • Awareness and communication
  • Education and capacity building
  • Stakeholder mobilization and networking
  • Support the creation of bioeconomy ecosystems

Visit the official page of the European Bioeconomy Network.

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