Digital Humanities Conference


On 28th and 29th April, the Conference on Digital Humanities was held, organized by the Yerun university network.

Aleix Barrera and Cristina Mercader, as representatives of CRiEDO, attended this conference held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The conference was intended to be a space for the exchange of research ideas, to obtain a better understanding of the experience in Digital Humanities (HD) and Digital Heritage, as well as to build new research links. The meeting facilitated the development of ideas for new research projects, collaborations between UAB and external groups, as well as the definition of future research priorities within the framework of our university.

The 2022 meeting focused on two aspects of current HDs. First, align with the EU international research project and funding opportunity: the Time Machine European project as a future research priority for Digital Humanities. Secondly, it responded to the needs of the labor market: HD training at YERUN towards a new employment opportunity (bachelor's and master's courses).

The Time Machine European Project is an international collaboration to build a map of European history spanning thousands of years using Big Data from the past. With more than 600 institutions, research centers and companies, it is the most ambitious and far-reaching project ever undertaken, which will revolutionize the way we experience European history and culture. The objective of TM is to promote the future of European cultural heritage and to facilitate academic access and wider access to cultural heritage by reinforcing existing synergies.

More information about the day here.

Check out the Time Machine project here.

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