Defense of Final Master's Projects


On December 11, the students of the Master's Degree in Management of Centers for Educational Innovation defended their projects.

The Postgraduate and Master in Management of Centers for Educational Innovation aims to help education professionals to acquire skills to critically analyze and evaluate the regulatory framework and administrative and economic guidelines that regulate the operation of educational institutions; promote personal change in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and skills of school managers, related to the needs of their professional practice, the requirements of the immediate context and the educational system.

The final master's projects presented were the following:

Do crises allow learning in organizations? A case study in the Covidien-19 pandemic, by Oscar Eduardo Castillo Marcos

Implement Project-Based Learning in the FPDual at the INS School of Hospitality and Tourism of Barcelona, ​​by Roser Vives Serra

Evaluation and improvement of teaching digital competence in Compulsory Secondary Education, by María Soledad Zaragoza Ortín

This course, 2020-2021, the program is offered as an Official Master in Management of Centers for Educational Innovation. This conversion will allow future graduates to accredit the credits taken to access doctoral studies while facilitating the recognition of the degree in countries outside the European Union. It should be noted that the new program meets the requirements established by the Generalitat of Catalonia in order to be eligible for the management of educational centers.

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