Cristina Mercader Serra Húnter Lecturer Professor

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Dr. Cristina Mercader Juan has obtained the position of Serra Húnter Lecturer at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

On 23th July the resolution of the position "Sierra Húnter UAB-LE-120007 linked to the Didactics and School Organization unit" was published, for which Dr. Cristina Mercader, a researcher linked to CRiEDO, has obtained the position of Professor Lector Sierra Húnter.

Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education Teaching, Master’s Degree in Educational Planning and Management, Master’s Degree in Research in Education and PhD in Education. She teaches at the Department of Applied Pedagogy in UAB in undergraduate, postgraduate and master's degrees, she participates in several institutional, national and international funded research that aim to improve educational organizations, digital technologies for education and assessment for learning. Also, she is a member of different work commissions focused on the deployment of teachers’ digital competence.

Check her research activity here.

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